Deion Sanders delivered a powerful message to Colorado players in his first meeting with the team on Sunday after he was introduced as the Buffaloes new coach.

Sanders started off by saying the Jackson State message is “I believe,” and he still believes. Sanders said he’s believed since he was 7-years-old when he told his mother, “I’m going to make a lot of money, I’m going to be rich and she’s going to never have to work another day of her life. My actions lined up with that belief. I’ve never stopped believing and I have a problem when young men, with everything in front of them, don’t believe.”

Sanders then pivoted into a message where he repeated the phrase, “I’m coming.”

“Not to compete, but to win. Not to show up, but to show out. Not to be amongst the rest, but to be the best. I’m coming,” he said. “I’m flat-out coming. This ain’t no ESPN, or this isn’t one of the networks you just happened to see it on, I’m right in front of you. … I’m coming to restore, to replace and to reenergize some of y’all that are salvageable.”

He noted that not everyone in the room would have a seat down the road.

Sanders said Colorado players won’t have hats on in meetings, or hoodies, or cell phones and ear rings.

“Everybody’s going to look like everybody,” Sanders said. “… By now you’re about to feel it. You can feel what I’m saying. You can feel where I’m coming from and you know I ain’t playing because I’ve got the credentials to back it up.”

His philosophy is for players to be smart, tough, fast, disciplined, and with character.