Jeff Banks’ girlfriend has responded to a report and a viral story from Monday night that her monkey bit a child on Halloween night in Austin.

Banks, who is the assistant head coach and special teams coordinator at Texas and a former Alabama assistant, is in his first year with the Longhorns. The Monday report detailed that his girlfriend, Dani Thomas, had an encounter with a trick-or-treater during Halloween festivities on Sunday.

“The monkey’s jaws apparently had to be pried off the small child,” Tom Campbell reported on Twitter.

Thomas responded, but has since deleted the video from Twitter, and her account.

“This is sad that people have to go all out of the way to prove that a person is lying,” Thomas said, per On3. “Here is the gate, here is where all the haunted house action happened. And yes, I do clean up fast — the shit’s gone. Here is the gate every child and parent was told to turn around at when they got to. It was closed and blocked off with balloons.

“This is how far the kid went in my backyard without permission, all the way over to where my animals live and watch this. I don’t even play when it gets to my animals, and I know all the legal rules on them. … How could she viciously bite someone if they stick their hand in there, where it don’t belong.”


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