Lane Kiffin and FAU got taken to the woodshed by UCF two weeks ago. The Knights torched the Owls 48-14. Last week, UCF also hammered Stanford 45-27.

Is UCF underrated at No. 15 in the country? Kiffin thinks they are.

When speaking with Pete Thamel of Yahoo! Sports, Kiffin called UCF like a top team in the SEC or ACC, just not Alabama or Clemson.

“They looked just like an ACC or SEC team,” Kiffin told Yahoo Sports. “Not Alabama or Clemson, but one of the top teams in both of those conferences. They’ve done an unbelievable job recruiting. They have skill. Normally in the Group of Five they have skill players but not the [size on] the lines, well UCF has long and good-looking linemen.”

Kiffin’s Owls also lost to Ohio State in Week 1, too, and he said the Knights looked “close” to the Buckeyes.

UCF is a really good football team, but it’s important to note that the Knights aren’t going to get much help the rest of the way. As of right now, UCF doesn’t have a ranked team on its schedule.