Once word of this recruiting loophole reaches the Southeastern Conference, don’t be surprised to see every league coach move closer to his respective campus.

We kid (kind of) but if Mack Brown’s recent move pays dividends for the Tar Heels, we may actually see more coaches make similar moves in the weeks and months to come.

According to Brown, who spoke with reporters leading up to the North Carolina spring game, he recently moved homes to live within one mile of his office on campus.

What is the significance of that decision?

The North Carolina coach believes it could help in recruiting as unofficial visitors to Chapel Hill will now be permitted to swing by his house during their trips to campus.

“The other thing that is really significant for our recruiting, Sally and I fixed a house up that’s .98 miles from my office,” Brown shared during the press conference. “And that means that unofficial visits can come to our house. Because if it’s more than a mile, you can’t come to the house – from campus. So we do think that’ll be a huge help in recruiting.”

Quick, someone go and check to see if Nick Saban has put out a “for sale” sign in his yard yet.