Miami Hurricanes head coach Manny Diaz fired back at comments made by ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit who questioned the school’s commitment to its football program.

Herbstreit said this on College GameDay on Saturday: “You have an athletic department that has clearly shown they aren’t ready to make changes.”

The Hurricanes went into this season with high expectations but after 4 games, the Canes are just 2-2, and some, like Herbstreit, wonder if the Canes are really ready to make a comeback onto the college football scene.

Diaz took offense to those comments and said this, according to ESPN:

“There will always be somebody with more resources,” he said. “That’s not a Miami problem. That’s a college football problem with a capital P that no one really wants to talk about. But our best resource here at the University of Miami has always been our people.”

Diaz continued.

“It’s not where we need to be yet. But the only way forward at the University of Miami is through recruiting, and we can’t turn and push our recruits away from our program because of something that happens in the short term.”

Since joining the ACC, the Hurricanes have struggled to compete with the likes of conference powerhouse Clemson, which has 2 national championships under head coach Dabo Swinney.