Miami got off to a tough start in the season opener against Alabama, but the more alarming loss already this season was last week to Michigan State at home.

The 2 losses were a disappointment because the Hurricanes came into the season with high expectations following an 8-3 record in 2020, and brought 19 starters back for this season. Coach Manny Diaz also made changes to his defensive staff in the offseason, and took over as defensive coordinator, but the Hurricanes have struggled with tackling this season.

After Alabama, Miami against Appalachian State needed a fourth-quarter comeback to win. But then last week’s 38-17 loss to Michigan State was especially irritating to fans because the Canes were outscored 21-3 in the fourth quarter.

“We had a chance to take a double-digit lead midway through the first half in both these home games, where you really feel like you’re moving the ball and kind of in control of the game and started really fast on defense,” Diaz told ESPN’s Andrea Adelson. “And then, for whatever reason, we make a mistake, and that does appear to be affecting our confidence. Then we don’t seem to be the same outfit the rest of the way.”

And it appears Diaz has pushed the reset button to get the season back on track.

“We’re at a point now where we’ve got to be able to refocus our season, refocus our goals, be honest with ourselves, hold ourselves accountable for the things that we’ve not done well and move on together,” Diaz said.

He is also aware that a program like Miami should not be in this position.

“I’m able to insulate myself from that because I don’t read these types of things during the course of the season, but I’m not stupid,” Diaz said. “I coach at the University of Miami. I understand the tradition and the pride of this place. I understand the standard.”