Mike Gundy regularly talks about the SEC, and more recently has made pointed comments about Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 with Texas to join the SEC.

This time, the Oklahoma State coach has openly wondered about expanding his own recruiting staff to match the SEC standard. The Cowboys currently have 9 people who work on recruiting, Gundy shared.

“I’m a little leery of continuing to expand,” he said. “I’m trying to catch where they’re at in the SEC. They float between 24 and 32 is what I’ve been told, now I don’t know that to be true. But most of what goes on down there is not true anyway. I would say there’s a chance we might go to 12-15 at some point. It’s just a massive amount of people, it’s hard to keep up with.”

A reporter then suggested the SEC’s slogan about it, “Just means more.” And Gundy agreed, and said coaches in the SEC can’t go grocery shopping.

“I grocery shop, people don’t care,” Gundy said. “Down there, you don’t go grocery shopping, unless you won 12 games.”