Washington State coach Mike Leach rarely disappoints when asked about an off-the-wall topic far from football. This week it was his reaction to a zombie apocalypse.

He predictably gave an in-depth response as he called zombies the most boring of all the monsters, because everything about them is redundant, and that he would likely die of boredom during the incident.

“I think some of my neighbors would start shooting zombies,” he said, “okay there’s another one, another one. This is a really ugly zombie…wow! Pretty attractive for a zombie.”

It’s apparently undefined what it takes to kill a zombie, he said, “you just keep chopping away at them evidently.”

Leach is not sure how they become zombies, although he openly wondered if it was AIDS for dead bodies, except they live instead of die.

“So after somebody’s killed three zombies, it’s all the same to me,” he said. “… I’ve been kind of waiting for the zombie thing to run its course and go back to vampires or something that’s far more captivating.”

Here’s the video from Alyssa Charlston: