Central Florida coach Gus Malzahn does not mince words on certain subjects, and lately, one of those subjects is the expanded College Football Playoff to include 12 teams.

Some people, like Ohio State Athletics Director Gene Smith, have said to pause the conversations and movement in that direction as realignment settles out in the wake of Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC.

“You see the change in two teams added to the SEC and you hear people saying, ‘Oh, it’s going to push it back.’ I think that’s a bunch of bull, man,” Malzahn said. “What’s best for college football is to move forward sooner rather than later.”

Malzahn, of course, would be one of the programs that would benefit from the expansion as history has shown that it’s difficult for teams outside of the Power 5 to make it in, and the Playoff itself has largely been filled by the likes of Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Oklahoma and Georgia, among others.

We’ll have to check back with Malzahn if Texas and Oklahoma make it in the SEC before the expected 2025 date.