Last fall, Scott Frost famously said Nebraska would play in Uzbekistan if they had to in order to play.

Well, that may not be exactly true.

If you were unaware, Nebraska is scheduled to play at Oklahoma next season on Sept. 18. The game will mark the 50th anniversary of the 1971 “Game of the Century” played by No. 1 Nebraska and No. 2 Oklahoma back in 1971.

The game was scheduled, back in 2012, specifically to honor the 50-year mark of that game.

Now, six months out from the game, Nebraska is working to get out of the game and has contacted other schools about traveling to Lincoln to play on Sept. 18 reports Bret McMurphy of Stadium.

Following McMurphy’s report, Oklahoma AD Joe Castiglione has issued a statement saying he expects Nebraska to show up and play on Sept. 18.

At this time, Nebraska has released no information confirming or denying McMurphy’s report.

As expected, Nebraska is facing some heat on social media following the news.