Gus Malzahn’s UCF program is once again using the Knights’ spring game to showcase players’ personal brands. When the Knights take the field Saturday, players will sport jerseys with unique QR codes on their back below the name, in place of a jersey number. Last year, UCF’s spring jerseys featured social media handles in place of last names.

QR codes act as a digital bar code of sorts to be scanned by smartphone cameras and open a link. According to Sports Illustrated, the UCF players’ QR codes, when scanned, will link to that player’s bio page on the UCF athletics website. UCF player bio pages feature links to players’ social media profiles and websites to purchase their merchandise under NIL deals.

Malzahn told SI that it’s another move by UCF to show the program embraces NIL opportunities.

“Last year, we put Twitter handles on our jerseys. I was like, ‘What the heck am I doing?’” Malzahn said, laughing. “We wanted to be the school that embraced it. At the old traditional schools, there’s a lot of dynamics. Yeah, they’re for it but really, they’re not for it. We are a school that can fully embrace it—the young school, social media. It fits with us.”

UCF’s spring game is set for a noon ET kickoff on Saturday in Orlando.