Underdog Fantasy is a great way for PGA fans in states where sports betting isn’t yet legal to get in on the action with best-ball fantasy contests.

Pick teams of your favorite golfers, whether that’s Rory McElroy, Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, Jon Rahm, Max Homa, Tiger Woods or any other big-name star and compete against other Underdog Fantasy users for real money!

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What are best-ball fantasy contests, you ask? Well, let’s dive into exactly what these fun Underdog contests entail.

Underdog Fantasy PGA Best-Ball Contests

There are numerous best-ball contests on Underdog involving the 4 PGA major tournaments for the 2023 season. You draft a team of 10 golfers and use that team to compete in all 4 majors for the 2023 PGA season.

For each major, the Underdog app will automatically select your 6 highest scorers, relegating your worst 4 scorers to the bench. You don’t have to do anything!

You don’t have to kick yourself for putting the wrong golfer in your starting lineup, as Underdog optimizes your lineup for each major to ensure you receive the 6 best scores for each event. You don’t have to scour the waiver wire before each major. Once you draft your 10-golfer team, you’re all set.

There are some golfers who won’t be eligible for every major, though, so be careful who you draft. Yes, it might be tempting to take Dustin Johnson, but keep in mind he won’t be eligible for the PGA Championship as he currently plays for the LIV Tour. Still, if you can get them in the right spot, there is value in picking LIV golfers at certain times.

What PGA best-ball contests are out there for you to play on Underdog Fantasy? Let’s take a look at your options:

The Albatross

The Albatross is an Underdog Fantasy PGA best-ball contest for all 4 majors that features a $10 entry fee and $500,000 in total prizes. It’s perhaps the biggest, most-popular Underdog PGA best-ball contest out there, so we’ll highlight it in-depth.

You’ll draft against 5 other users to select your 10-golfer team, but then you’ll compete against every other player in the tournament for prize money. You get to select whether you want to do a draft that gives you 30 seconds per pick or 8 hours per pick.

Prize money is at stake for thousands of players. You don’t have to win, or even finish in the top 100, to make a sizable profit in The Albatross contest.

The Albatross winnings: 

There are $500,000 in total prizes up for grabs in The Albatross contest. Here’s a prize breakdown for the event:

  • 1st place: $100,000
  • 2nd place: $40,000
  • 3rd place: $20,000
  • 4th place: $15,000
  • 5th place: $12,000
  • 6th place: $10,000
  • 7th place: $7,500
  • 8th place: $6,000
  • 9th place: $5,000
  • 10th place: $4,000
  • 11-20th place: $2,000
  • 21-30th place: $1,450
  • 31-50th place: $749
  • 51-100th place: $400
  • 101-174th place: $200
  • 175-260th place: $120
  • 261-390th place: $80
  • 391-780th place: $60
  • 781-1,560th place: $50
  • 1,561-2,340th place: $25
  • 2,341-4,680th place: $20
  • 4,681-9,360th place: $10

Yes, if you finish in the top 9,360 scorers in the tournament, you’ll at least make your $10 entry fee back. Not bad! The top 4,680 scorers will at least double their money.

The Albatross event has a maximum of 56,160 entries. Once the contest is full, you can no longer enter. So be sure to get your entries in soon!

Other Underdog Fantasy PGA best-ball contests include The Warmup – PGA, with a $3 entry fee and $25,000 in total prizes, and The Longest Drive, which has a $250 entry fee and a $100,000 prize pool.

Next, let’s take a look at how these PGA best-ball contests are scored on Underdog.

Underdog Fantasy PGA Best-Ball Scoring

Here’s a breakdown of how you earn points in each PGA best-ball contest for the 2023 majors:

  • Par: 1.1 points
  • Birdie: 4.0 points
  • Eagle: 10.0 points
  • Hole-in-one: 10.0 points
  • Bogey: -1.2 points
  • Albatross: 20.0 points
  • Bogey-free round: 3.0 points
  • Consecutive bogeys: -1.0 points
  • Double bogey: -3.0 points
  • Triple bogey or worse: -7.0 points
  • Consecutive birdies: 1.0 points
  • Score above par: -1.0 points

As you can see, you can both earn and lose points based on how the golfers you select perform. With the way the scoring system is set up, par-5 holes are especially entertaining, as you have the best chance to see an eagle or an albatross on those longer-distance holes.

With that scoring system in mind, you’ll want to pay attention to who is hot with the putter, as that’s the best way to avoid double and triple bogeys. You’ll also want to make note of who has the longest drives, as those are the golfers most likely to set themselves up for strong eagle opportunities on par-5 holes.

My Underdog Fantasy PGA Best-Ball Team

Curious as to what my team looks like? Well, I’ll show you! I had the fourth pick in a 6-player draft, which was … fine.

I would have liked a higher pick, but I got former Alabama golfer Justin Thomas with the No. 4 overall pick. Considering he won the PGA Championship last year, I feel pretty good about getting him there. Max Homa was the No. 9 pick. He has an awful track record at majors, but he’s been playing much better in the past couple of years, so I think he could win one in 2023.

Hideki Matsuyama won The Masters in 2021. Shane Lowry has finished in the top 5 of every major since 2016 and won The Open in 2019, so I feel good about that pick.

Brooks Koepka at No. 28 felt like a good value to me. Yes, he plays on the LIV tour now, but he should be able to compete in every major except the PGA Championship. You have to really take into consideration what it means when you draft LIV guys, but with my fifth-round pick, I was happy to do it.

Here’s a look at my full roster:

Maybe I’m crazy, but I think this team has a real chance to win some big-time money! Think you can do better? Well, you’d better get in on the action soon!

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Live and legal in most US states.


Underdog Fantasy

Up to $250 Bonus Cash + Special Pick