Conference realignment remains a popular topic across college football, with USC and UCLA most recently departing from the Pac-12 to join the Big Ten. Former Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer was among the voices to weigh in on the move.

“Yeah can you imagine that? There was a time where USC was on the pinnacle of college football,” Meyer said. “So I don’t know what the future holds, that was a little shocking, but you know there is no loyalty, this is all fight for yourself and I get it. Money makes the world go round and right now that’s what’s driving all these decisions.”

The era of there being a true sense of tradition across multiple conferences within college football almost seems to be dying with how different things will look in the future with where teams are playing. If anything, the SEC appears to be the most intact.

Regardless, there are some things to be gained, including from a recruiting perspective for some teams. This is something Meyer sees the value in, dependent upon the situation, of course.

“I do believe it makes a lot of sense recruiting wise, some of these moves made no sense to me,” Meyer said. “When A&M went to the SEC and Arkansas, you just wonder why that happened, even Nebraska to a point. When you talk about college football, Tim, it starts with recruiting and ends with recruiting. California has such good players, Ohio State and the Wolverines have gone into California recruiting a little bit now it kind of opens the floodgates a little bit.”