Friday night’s clash of ACC teams that won’t count in the ACC standings ended on a controversial call.

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North Carolina was driving down 24-18 n the game’s final possession. Tar Heels RB Michael Carter appeared to get out of bounds with :01 left on the clock (at least on the broadcast clock), but the officials said the game was over. UNC would have faced the difficult task of needing a touchdown on the final play, but it appears Mack Brown’s squad deserved a shot.

via @bubbaprog

via @bubbaprog

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North Carolina and Wake Forest scheduled the game to keep the in-state rivalry alive instead of waiting on the ACC rotation, so the game does not count in the ACC standings. The Demon Deacons jumped out to a 21-0 lead in the first half. In the fourth quarter, UNC ralled to score three points in the third quarter and 15 more in the fourth quarter.

The ending had college football Twitter talking:

The explanation offered was the clock official does not stop the clock until the on-field signals for it to stop, but CFB fans had more questions about forward progress on the play and the clock stopping for a first down.