The fullback position isn’t just new to Cullen Gillaspia, it’s new to his entire team.

That’s something Trayveon Williams pointed out this spring when he initially learned the Aggies would be using a fullback for the first time under the new coaching staff. While the A&M coaches could have recruited a player to fill the role, they instead are looking to a senior with full buy-in to make the move. That’s where Gillaspia comes in this spring.

During his recent media availability, Gillaspia was asked about the most difficult part of moving from linebacker to fullback for his final season in College Station. For a player that has never taken a snap on the offensive side of the ball, simply learning what the coaches are asking him to do has not been a given this spring.

“Really just getting a knowledge of the offense and getting my instincts back. I carried the ball a little bit in high school, but it was all kick returning stuff — I never played offense in high school,” Gillaspia said.

“Getting just the terminology down, they are saying get up to his block and using certain words that I don’t know what they mean (have me) saying, ‘Coach, what does that mean?’ I’m used to fit outside and break, plug the hole. Stuff like that. It’s a little bit different just getting based that terminology and learning the offense as a whole.”

What is it like being trained under a demanding, offensive-minded coach like Fisher? The 12th Man admits it has taken some getting used to this spring.

“It’s different that he’s so involved. It’s every day,” Gillaspia continued. “I work with Coach (Jay) Graham every day, but when I mess up, it’s Coach Fisher getting on me, telling me what I did wrong. Coach Graham comes over and refines it. He’s on you every day because he wants the best for us.”

The learning curve may seem steep this spring for Gillaspia and his A&M teammates, but if the team makes an immediate turnaround next fall, all the work they are putting in now will be well worth it by the end of the season.