Members of the Big 12 have not been shy about their feelings toward Texas and Oklahoma on their way out of the conference. That includes Baylor athletics director Mack Rhoades, who didn’t hide his feelings for the Longhorns.

During a hearing at the Texas state legislature, Rhoades was among several university leaders and Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, who spoke about the moves of the last couple weeks, and how it leaves college sports in Texas.

“Many of my colleagues around the country believe that the University of Texas created this situation because they think so highly of themselves,” he said, per Max Olson of The Athletic. “My humble opinion: I completely disagree. I think it’s because they felt too little of themselves.”

As part of Rhoades’ talk, he was expected to discuss the economic impact UT’s move would have on the state and asking the state’s elected officials to preserve and strengthen the Big 12 so that it may continue to call Texas home.

Earlier in the meeting, Bowlsby said that a potential merger with another conference as one of the possibilities the Big 12 will consider, however, “We believe the eight of us staying together is the best approach in the near term.”