Bobby Petrino was brought in by Jimbo Fisher to be Texas A&M’s offensive coordinator last season. Petrino, however, had a major issue trying to coordinate the offense.

Appearing on Hogs Plus, Petrino shared that Fisher insisted on keeping the same offensive terminology. Petrino had to learn the terminology himself while trying to install his system.

“This past season, I went into A&M and Jimbo wanted to keep his terminology, and I didn’t sleep for months,” Petrino said. “It was hard. It was studying every night, trying to figure this out — why are we calling it this way?”

The Petrino experiment in College Station obviously did not work out, as Texas A&M pulled the plug on Fisher before the end of the 2023 season. Petrino is confident that being able to install his system with his terminology will go smoother at Arkansas.

“I have an offense that I’m very familiar with and understand inside and out. Calling it will be much easier and go quicker,” Petrino said. “The players are going to have to work at understanding it, but we’ll have a process approach to installing it and learning it.”