When NFL scouts grill draft prospects at the annual scouting combine, they leave no stone unturned.

Reporters at the event are the same way, and didn’t let Texas A&M QB Trevor Knight escape the interview room without being asked about this tweet he sent to pop star Katy Perry in 2015:

The tweet was in response to an appearance Perry made on ESPN’s College GameDay in 2014, where she held up a cutout of the then-Oklahoma quarterback and told him to call her:

Though the potential power couple missed their chance to connect back 2014, as Knight had a girlfriend at the time, both he and Perry are currently single, as the singer reportedly broke up with boyfriend Orlando Bloom recently.

However, with the NFL draft quickly approaching, Knight has no time for distractions right now. According to FOX Sports, he went on to say that he’ll leave his pursuit of Perry in college:

“College football is great for so many reasons, and that’s part of it,” Knight said. “You’ve got four to five years to have fun and enjoy the fame, for lack of a better term, of what being a college football player is all about. And that was just one of the few instances where I got to have a little fun on social media.”

For now, it seems the “Hot n Cold” potential romance between Knight and Perry is a “Dark Horse” to ever morph into something real.