Colin Cowherd has offered his thoughts on the ongoing feud between Nick Saban and Jimbo Fisher, and the FOX Sports Radio host said he knows Saban and likes him. However, Cowherd took Fisher’s side in the feud.

Cowherd noted that Saban is also manipulative, is intentional and often has a message to send from the podium. Saban’s message to his boosters was he needs more money to compete with programs like Texas A&M. Cowherd said Saban is a hypocrite in the sense that he grayshirted players early in his Alabama tenure, a practice the radio host said was sleazy.

“Nick Saban needs to apologize, there is no proof Texas A&M is buying players … He picked on kids, he ripped a coach, he ripped a program. It’s unprofessional and Nick Saban, frankly, is held to a higher standard. Nick Saban is Mount Rushmore, he’s up there with Woody Hayes and Bobby Bowden and whoever you want to put up there,” Cowherd said, and added that the name, image and likeness system he favors is the player should be on campus for a year before an NIL deal comes in.

Cowherd also said in terms of Texas A&M recruiting in the NIL era, and Alabama grayshirting, that there’s always loopholes, which is why rich people have accountants.