No one knows when college athletics will return to normalcy following the coronavirus outbreak but one thing is for sure, at least according to Jimbo Fisher, the players that make the most of their time away from campus will be rewarded once football does return.

The Texas A&M coach shared his thoughts on the subject during a recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” as he stressed the uncertainty surrounding college football makes this time even more crucial for players across the country.

When you consider football may be dealing with a rushed timeline come the fall, Fisher explained just how important it will be for his players to make the most of their current time away from College Station and away from the structure the Texas A&M program can provide to its players.

“It’s very tough and I mean that’s why I think hopefully what you’ve been doing your program and being here two years I think will be a big help and we got a lot of the coordinators, a lot of people back,” Fisher said on the show. “The players, again I said this in the offseason, been here two years, the leadership, I thought we had our greatest offseason yet, that’s why I was excited for spring. Coaches always say that but it was there, and hopefully what we’ve instilled in them, to make sure they’re working.

“I tell our guys every day, whoever manages this situation the best and comes back – we don’t know you know if it’s next week, next month, next year, whatever it is – whenever you come back. You may be on a limited time scale, you may have a lot of time, you don’t know, but whoever manages this time the best will have a distinct advantage when it’s when things get kicked off.”

While things may be tough for everyone during these trying times, Fisher also shared his belief that the Aggies have every opportunity to improve during this time and he expects them to focus on their academics and football responsibilities to the best of their abilities in preparation for when football does return — whenever that date comes.

“We get all kinds of things to learn from your coaches in the amount of time you have, and I think you have to take advantage of those times,” Fisher added. “I think doing that gives them some normalcy. And don’t worry about things you can’t control. That’s my other message, we don’t know, no one knows, we don’t know what’s out there, so all we can do is what we do each day, and learn to do it and get good at it. And that’s all you can control.”