Not even the biggest stars in the NFL are immune from getting the coronavirus.

After Jay Glazer of FOX Sports teased “huge” NFL news for nearly 24 hours and finally revealed a backup lineman named Brian Allen had coronavirus, we have some actual big NFL news as Ian Rapoport of NFL Media is reporting that Von Miller has tested positive for coronavirus.

The good news is that Miller is in good spirits, according to the NFL insider.

Rapoport shared the news on Twitter: “NFL star and Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller has a confirmed case of COVID-19, his agent @jobybranion of @VanguardSG tells me. The #Broncos star is at home resting and in good spirits. He plans to speak publicly tomorrow.”

It’s still can’t be easy for the former all-time great Aggie to come down with the coronavirus during the middle of a quarantine but that’s where we all are at at the moment, unfortunately.