Demani Richardson calls college football ‘soft’ after targeting ejection vs. Miami

Demani Richardson was 1 of 2 key Texas A&M defenders ejected for targeting on Saturday night against No. 13 Miami.

The Aggies were already without multiple 5-star freshmen due to suspensions, so losing even more depth hurt. Still, it was a testament to the depth of the Texas A&M defense that it was still able to hold Miami to 9 points in a 17-9 victory.

Here was the play for which Richardson was ejected. You can determine for yourself if it was targeting:

Richardson comes down firmly on the side of it not being targeting. In fact, after the game, he took to Twitter to call college football “soft” for penalizing attempted form tackling:

The good news for Texas A&M is that both ejections took place d

uring the first half, so the players will be back for next week’s matchup against Arkansas. We’ll see if the Aggies can put together another stellar defensive performance in Arlington against the rival Hogs.

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  • That was definitely targeting per the rules. His helmet hit the opposing players head with the top of his helmet. He drove his head into the opposing player.

  • Richardson is correct. What was he supposed to do differently to avoid the penalty? It was a shoulder to shoulder hit. He didn’t launch himself. Another horrible targeting call.

      • Unless you are tackling with your nipples, how does one keep their head up? When leaning forward to make a tackle, the head unavoidably leans forward as well. He didn’t hit with the crown of the helmet.

  • What is it with these buffoons? It's simple. Don't use your helmet or your head to make a tackle. Is it the coaching? Are they being coached to do this? How else do you explain it? It's a highly ineffective tackling technique and one of the reasons there are so many missed tackles. If the Texas defender wasn't so interested in ramming his helmet into Bryce Young in that game last week, perhaps he makes the tackle using more tried & true conventional means.

    • We should follow Bama's style of slamming QBs into the ground and pinning their arms back so that we can injure shoulders. Y'all play dirty and only beat tu because you play dirty. Get off your high horse.

        • Your use of quotation marks makes it seem like you doubt I'm a fan. Odd attempted insult, but you can't expect a lot from someone with an Alabama education.

      • Listen, I'm amazingly critical of Bama but that hit was not dirty. Ewers was an idiot for leaving his feet. That's on Sark. One would hope Sark has coached Ewers about this but that coaching came too late, didn't it.

        • Undisciplined isn't necessarily dirty. There is overlap, but dirty means by design and Saban and his staff are not coaching by design their players to be dirty. Bama barely won that game because they are undisciplined. Look at all the penalties. I do believe Saban coaches his secondary to interfere on every downfield pass. He plays the odds. That's revolting, but that's been Saban's MO in regard to Bama secondaries.

      • You are correct, Alabama and LSU are the dirtiest teams in college football by far. Bama gets away with more holding and flagrant pass interference than ANY team in the history of the sport.

    • I think you and @BatteredAggieSyndrome both sound dumb.

      1) Richardson was in a bang bang play. Receiver's head lowers and it is darn near impossible to change the trajectory of the hit. Also, that tackle looked pretty darn effective, numb nuts.

      2) Dallas Turner's hit was not dirty. Ewers left his feet. Turner fell on him. Quit whining.

      3) They were both penalties by the rules. For Richardson, it was the right call, but I think the rule has gone too far.

      4) Here's an idea: Targeting 1 and Targeting 2. Similar to the flagrant fouls in the NBA.

      5) Why don't we ever see targeting on the offense? The most frustrating part of the rule. So a RB is encouraged to use his helmet like a battering ram, but this play happens and its an ejection? Makes no sense.

  • “you know football soft when you try to make sure you make a perfect form tackle and still get called”. Someone needs to teach this guy what a perfect form tackle is. That wasn’t it.

  • First thing he hit was the ball. Then his shoulder hits the player before the helmet. I don’t this deserves to be out the rest of the game.

  • The player gripping on Twitter would concern me more. Fisher has lost control of the team, just as he did at FSU. He’s trying to get it back by suspending rule breakers, but is it too late?

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