Saturday in the college football world was a wild one filled with upsets.

Among two of the most surprising losses were Texas A&M’s 17-14 fall to Appalachian State and Notre Dame’s 26-21 loss Marshall, both events in which the teams that failed to come out on top were well-favored in.

Greg McElroy of ESPN looks to the Aggies’ loss as the bigger one.

“I think people are just hanging on the fact that Marcus Freeman is 0-3 as a head coach,” he said. “But I think it’s a bigger loss for Texas A&M, just because A&M does not have a baked in excuse.”

There is validity to what McElroy is saying here, as the Aggies were expected to be one of the top contenders within the SEC in 2022. But unless this is some type of fluke they move on quickly from, Texas A&M looks like a questionable team at best and there are already plenty of questions being raised about Jimbo Fisher as a head coach because of the way his offense looked in the upset by the Mountaineers.

The Aggies will look to bounce back as they face a tough opponent up next on the schedule in the No. 13-ranked Miami Hurricanes on Saturday in College Station, Texas.