Houston fan thinks Cougars can poach Jimbo Fisher after joining Big 12

The Houston Cougars are expected to join the Big 12, which would make the program part of the Power 5. Houston is currently an AAC program. The AAC is recognized as part of the Group of 5. (The conference prefers to call itself part of the “Power 6.”) As a G5 program, Houston managed to hire away a Power 5 coach. Dana Holgorsen left West Virginia to be the Houston coach in January 2019.

One Houston fan, however, isn’t happy with Holgorsen. The Houston fan believes that with the program moving up to the Power 5, the Cougars can flex its “Big 12 muscles” and poach Jimbo Fisher from Texas A&M.

Considering Fisher is one of college football’s highest-paid coaches with Texas A&M ranked No. 5 and coming off of a New Year’s Six bowl win, the Aggies probably don’t have to worry about him leaving for Houston.

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  • I have read that LSU thinks they can get him too. Though I do not know why he would want to go to either school at this point.

    • Yeah, ain't none of that happening. Jimbo just recently signed a new contract with a 'prohibitive' buyout clause. Just fans tweeting their fantasies.

      • Yeah and you look at what each team can offer and neither one can offer anymore than TAMU. Though Baton Rouge and Houston have more to do than College Station. That is the only thing they can offer that TAMU can't.

    • more importantly, this is the problem with moving Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC. It just makes more coaches not want to coach in a league where desperate inflated and over-rated coaches are recruiting to a program that is more likely to move toward a .500 record than a championship. This is dumb for everybody except those people selling ads during a football game. And the viewership of those ads will start dropping the very first year Oklahoma and Texas are mathematically out of the race for a division and that will happen to one or both of them in year 1

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