The Kellen Mond era is finally over in College Station which means Jimbo Fisher is currently searching for the heir apparent to one of the most successful quarterbacks in program history.

The Aggies have three players battling it out this spring as returning passers Zach Calzada and Haynes King are currently competing with true freshman Eli Stowers for the job.

During his first media availability of the spring, Fisher was asked if he takes any preconceived information into an important quarterback competition like the one taking place in College Station this spring.

“It’s an open competition. I’ve learned not to do that over time, I really have,” Fisher answered. “Because what you think — just let things play out. Let things happen and your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you are saying.

“What you do, how you do it and give each guy a fair chance to do it and how guys respond.”

When it comes to what Fisher looks for in a quarterback to run his offense, the key attribute the coach looks for in a passer is one you don’t often hear about when discussing competitions.

It’s not the passer with the strongest or most accurate arm. It’s not the player with the most knowledge of the playbook or the one that has the most experience on the field.

No, what Fisher seeks is a quarterback that can get the entire team — not just the offense — pulling in the right direction.

“How does he get all 11 guys to act around him? I always say this, Tom Brady to me, the greatest attribute he has is his team camaraderie, how he fits 11 guys and makes them want to play and do things,” Fisher continued. “It’s the example he sets and I think that’s a big part, it’s underrated.

“The unselfishness, the ability to get guys around them, not only offensively, but defensively, all that matters.”

Finally, when asked how the three quarterbacks have progressed since last season, Fisher was quick to point out the young passers appear to have the knowledge to effectively run the offense if called upon.

“In the meetings right now, I think all three guys – Haynes, from the day he’s got here, he’s done it,” Fisher said. “Zach has really focused himself, very talented guy. The calls, the questions he asks in meetings, the walkthroughs. I think he has it now, I really do. Haynes does.

“Eli Stowers has been amazing how quick he picked it up. He’s like Haynes when he walked in, he’s a guy you tell it to him once he seems to keep it right in there and understands it and not only memorize it but understands it.”