Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher is upset with the Auburn defense’s attempts to spoil the snap count. Fisher was unhappy with how Saturday’s officiating crew handled the issue and said he’ll be calling the SEC office.

“But you know what gets me, you can [clap] and get a delay of game, but you can call a snap count and it ain’t a penalty,” Fisher said after the game, per On3. “Isn’t that amazing? When you’re down there on the goal line and they call out your snap count. I mean, I’m sick and tired of it, man. You’re gonna call all that garbage and not do that?”

Fisher wasn’t done venting.

“‘Well, I couldn’t hear it,’” Fisher said he was told by an official.

“Trust me, I’m gonna call [the SEC office] tomorrow. We’re going to have a conversation. … But you call it for Alabama third-and-8 when they’re driving to win it. I’m sick of it, I thought it was supposed to be fair.”

Despite the snap count issues, Fisher’s Aggies defeated the Tigers 20-3.