Jimbo Fisher has come into the cross-hairs with his recruiting in recent months as the Aggies landed the top-ranked class in the country. The Texas A&M coach has a custom pitch for recruits, and during a visit with Colin Cowherd, he shared what that sounds like.

“Here’s what A&M has, it has the most complete package of any school in the country,” Fisher said. “You’re talking about culture of the university. This place is unbelievable, you get here and you’ll see it. The commitment that people have. It’s a top 20 educational school in the country, education’s through the roof. The commitment that we have made, for instance right we’re building a new $160 million facility, which is going to be state-of-the-art which no one in the country is going to have, which is for your personal development.”

Fisher also noted that he’s one of the active coaches who have won a national championship, the university’s endowment is the sixth-richest in the country and has one of the 2 largest alumni associations in the country at 550,000.

“Here’s the important thing: Do you want to go someplace that’s won a championship, or do you want to be the first to do it,” Fisher said. “The people you remember, the guys that really make a difference in the world are the guys that are the first to do it. If you go somewhere else and just be another guy, you’ll just be another guy. Come here and be the first guy to ever do it, and set the standard for a new organization. Those are the ones that have got statues outside that you talk about all the time.”