Jimbo Fisher has worked to close the gap against Alabama for as long as he’s been at Texas A&M, and especially now that he’s in his fourth season at Texas A&M.

But the momentum has seemingly slowed down a bit in recent weeks as Alabama continues to be ranked he No. 1 team in the land, and the Aggies have stumbled to a 3-2 start this season entering their game this week at Kyle Field on CBS.

At his Monday press conference, Fisher explained how the Aggies will close the gap against the top-ranked Crimson Tide.

“I think we got to continue to recruit well, we got to continue to coach well,” he said. “We got to understand to build the fundamental culture of what we do. And also stay a little healthy in what we do to get guys experience and have the numbers to play. But I think we’re recruiting really well, but I think they’re a very good team.”

Even though the Aggies have lost to Arkansas and Mississippi State, Fisher is still confident in his plan to unseat the Tide in the SEC West.

“Whether we close the gap or not, I feel confident in the guys we have and what we do, and where we can go in the future of this game, not just this year but future — where we’re going, how we’re recruiting and the things we have,” Fisher continued. “Hopefully we’ll be able to close that gap. But they’re doing a great job.”

H/T AL.com.