The dawn of the name, image and likeness era in college football, along with the creation of the transfer portal, represented a massive change in the sport and its student-athletes. Group of 5 programs have been vocal that the new rules in both arenas benefit Power 5 programs and represent a “rich getting richer” scenario.

But every program in the country has to adjust to it in different ways, and those in the SEC are no different. Jimbo Fisher, during his weekly radio show on Wednesday, discussed the “transition period” that college football resides in right now.

“It’s going to take two or three years to get the rules figured out with NIL and the transfer portal. There is going to have to be some modifications to the rules,” the Texas A&M head coach said, according to TexAgs.

Fisher expressed concern that student-athletes will simply be focused on seeking greener pastures elsewhere rather than creating genuine bonds within the locker room. He alluded to such bonds helping play a part in the Aggies’ upset of Alabama at home on Oct. 9.

“The trend now is it’s about ‘me’ and not about the team,” he said. “You can’t have moments like the other night if it’s about ‘me.'”