Jimbo Fisher has had the misfortune of playing the top two teams in the country this season, though his Texas A&M squad gave both teams arguably their toughest tests so far.

Considering Fisher’s insight into those two powerhouses, he was asked during Wednesday’s SEC Coaches Teleconference what’s notable about those programs. Fisher pointed to Alabama and Clemson’s winning culture and their deployment of talent as the keys for their success.

Fisher also took a look back on the Aggies’ collapse against Auburn last week, and you can check out everything he said during the teleconference below.

On suffering the late loss to Auburn, had you ever been a part of something like that?

  • Not against Auburn, but (if) you’ve been in football long enough you’ve seen it all. I’ve been a part of a team that came back on someone like that, just seemed to flip on one play. … We can’t give them life like that. We have to move on.

On UAB, how close were you to taking that job in 2007?

  • That’s something I was seriously considering. Someone has done their homework. Bill Clark was doing a good job down there.

Did you ever believe the job was yours?

  • No, but we were in serious talks at that time.

On facing Clemson and Alabama, what stands out about them?

  • I would say the culture. They both have won for a long time. It’s not always about talent, it’s about how you use them. … They have learned to deal with trials and tribulations, and that’s the most common thing I see in them.

Did anything surprise you about either team?

  • No, I was used to Clemson after playing them annually (at Florida State). I had not faced Alabama, but I knew how explosive they were. We recruited many of the same guys.