The records don’t seem to matter much when Arkansas and Texas A&M. Even though the Aggies have won eight straight in the series, the last three games have been decided by seven points or less.

“You always have one, because when you get in leagues with people like A&M and Arkansas is in a league together, sometimes, ‘I’ve got to play these guys every year, so I’ve got to figure out how to play them,'” coach Jimbo Fisher said Monday at his regular press conference. “The fear of playing, or the stigma of playing them, if you only play them every so often, goes away.”

Fisher compared it playing against a guy in a park and he’s “beating your brains in,” to adjusting how to turn the tables.

“You learn how to compete against him, you learn what he does, how to beat him, all those things,” Fisher said.  “Arkansas and A&M have played for so many years, they know each other so well, and it means a lot to the alums and everybody else that it becomes that game.”

Fisher said almost every league he’s been in has had a matchup like this. He referred to N.C. State and Florida State being similar, and LSU and Kentucky coming down to the last play two years in a row.