It is only Year 2 of the Jimbo Fisher era at Texas A&M, but there are already questions being thrown out about if the man the school is paying $7.5 million a year will be able to get the Aggies over the hump to become contenders in the SEC and nationally.

The Aggies fell to 3-3 on the season after a 47-28 pasting by Alabama in Kyle Field on Saturday, so it is natural that Fisher would be asked about the direction the program is going in. Despite the expectations not being met once again in College Station, Fisher still likes the way his team is trending.

“We’ve got work to do and we go to work and we’re going to get better each and every day and I’m the same way, I want fans to be happy and want to be good and want to win,” Fisher said during his press conference on Monday. “We do too as coaches but we got to go to work each day and coach what we have as far as what we are trying to get better at, what we’re trying to improve on, what we’re trying to create and just keep going on what we’re doing just knowing that I still feel very good on where we are at and what’s going on and in the direction we are going. The kids are playing very hard and, like I say, I can watch the film and watch us get better.”

The Aggies only wins this season have come against Texas State, Lamar and an Arkansas team that is also trying to find its footing and identity in the second season under Chad Morris while in the three games against ranked teams — Clemson, Auburn and Alabama — the Aggies have been exposed, especially considering they started the season at No. 12 in the polls.

It might not be a quick-fix situation for anyone, including Fisher, at A&M but the fan base is starting to wonder if they brought in the right man to help lead the Aggies back to glory.