Unlike a certain coach at a rival in-state program, Jimbo Fisher declined to name a starting quarterback Saturday.

Former 5-star recruit Conner Weigman has the most hype heading into the 2023 season. He has been competing with veteran Max Johnson, who began his career at LSU.

After the spring game, Fisher said it would be pointless to name a Week 1 starter. The Texas A&M head coach explained that the competition in practice will go on throughout the season at all positions, including quarterback.

“It’s going to be competition all the time, every week,” Fisher said after the game. “All the way until the end of next year. Every position’s going to be that way. If you don’t practice in the game… You want competition every day and guys you feel comfortable with. To name a starting quarterback today, what does that mean? Nothing.”

As far as the spring game showings, which Johnson’s White team won 33-19, Fisher said his detailed evaluation won’t come until he’s watched the game film.

“They’re two competitors,” Fisher said of his QBs. “They’re always going to keep battling each other. It’s glad you got two guys that are capable and make plays like that at times and what we need to do. Both of them can shine.

“I like for them to have a little failure like that. See how they battle back and both of them came back and played well after you had some mistakes and had some things going. That’s part of the game. I think both showed a lot of maturity in that way. I’ll wait till I watch the film a little bit and we’ll meet again. We’ll meet next week and I’ll give you an evaluation.”

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