Texas A&M arguably overachieved in Jimbo Fisher’s first season last year with a 9-4 record. In order to match that total this season, Texas A&M will need to win three of its last four contests, including the bowl game.

With two matchups remaining with Top 5 teams, that appears unlikely. But Fisher wouldn’t want the schedule any other way.

“It’s the SEC. That’s why the SEC is the best league in football,” Fisher said in Wednesday’s teleconference.

This Saturday, Texas A&M will host South Carolina, which Fisher didn’t concede as a gimme game either. Fisher called South Carolina “a great team” and expects another dog fight.

Here’s what else Fisher said on Wednesday:

  • Thoughts on Chad Morris: It’s very sad for Chad, he is a heck of a person, a heck of a coach. Hate it for the players… I wish nothing but the best for them. Hate to see that.
  • How good of a job is Arkansas? It’s a very good job, it’s in the SEC. have tremendous history, I think it’s a very good job.
  • On where your team improved during the bye? Well, we will see when we hit the field… but continuing work ethic and practice habits, running the ball, defending the run, their IQ is growing. With young players, the more you put them on the field, the better they are going to it… and you are really starting to see those guys grow.