Johnny Manziel made his debut in the new Fan Controlled Football league on Saturday night in Duluth, Georgia, making some exciting plays in the Zappers’ 48-44 loss to the Beasts.

Don’t expect Manziel, the former Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winner, to try to make his way back into the NFL after this, though.

Manziel gave an open and honest interview in which he said he wanted to play in this new league simply because he needed something to do (via USA TODAY):

“A big reason I’m here is I’m a little bored,” Manziel said. “I’ve been playing golf five days a week, hanging with my boys and playing cards and running around Scottsdale having a blast with a great group of friends that I’ve acquired out there. But I don’t have much of a schedule unless I create one, and I haven’t really created one.

“This isn’t me trying to be a comeback, redemption-type of tour for me to go back and play football anymore moving forward. After I play here, I probably won’t pick up a football again for another year. Two. Or maybe even longer than that. This is just an opportunity that got presented to me to get around a bunch of good guys who I feel like we’ll make great business connections with and I’ll have a lot of fun while I’m doing it.”

Manziel nearly scored a touchdown on his first play from scrimmage. We’ll see how he fares as the new league continues.