Look, I never saw Johnny Manziel play baseball, but I’d imagine he’d have been able to play in college. Instead, the middle infielder didn’t play his senior year in order to graduate early and enroll at Texas A&M. Football was a safe bet.

Manziel turned out to be one of the greatest athletes SEC football has ever seen, weaving his way through traffic like a Ferrari on a freeway. He went on to win the Heisman Trophy as a freshman (for the first time in college football history), and he was electrifying for 2 years in College Station. While the Heisman puts him into a certain class of greatness, he’ll go down as 1 of the top 5 all-time for me personally.

Anyway, Manziel’s NFL career publicly flamed out, and it appears his football career is over. So, what’s he up to these days? He’s winning long drive contests at charity golf tournaments.

Manziel participated in Indianapolis WISH-TV sportscaster Anthony Calhoun’s charity golf tournament, and he blasted a 356-yard drive. Really.

To put that into perspective, the average drive distance on the PGA Tour is around 290 yards. Only 2 players on the PGA Tour — Bryson DeChambeau and Cameron Champ — average 320-yard drives. Manziel smoked it 356 yards. Sure, he likely wouldn’t average that, but it shows his freak athleticism. Some guys can wake up with no practice and hammer golf balls; Manziel seems to be 1 of them.

Check out the slow motion swing on Manziel below.