Last year, the LSU Tigers went from a good team to an elite team, going 15-0 and winning the national championship.

Which teams could be in line to make a jump like that during the 2020 season? Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond said this week that he thinks the Aggies have the talent to do it.

Per, Mond said LSU’s 2019 jump provides a blueprint for the Aggies to follow in 2020:

“It’s kind of weird being able to play all those guys and seeing what kind of change LSU made,” Mond said in a phone interview. “They were a good team the year we beat them [in 2018] but becoming an elite team and one of the best teams of all time this past year just kind of shows the work they put in.

“Obviously, some of those went from undrafted to first round. Hopefully guys from A&M can realize that and it only takes one year. Hopefully, we put in the work and we can make that happen ourselves.”

Mond said he thinks the Aggies are close to getting over the hump from “good” to “elite”:

“We really haven’t won the big-time games yet,” Mond said. “In some of those games, most of those games, we’ve been close but we always fall short. But we have to be able to get over that hump.

“A lot of people emphasize that the last 2 percent is the hardest. I feel like we’re at the last 2 percent from being a good team to being elite.”

A&M lost to Clemson, Alabama and LSU last season. At the time they beat the Aggies, all 3 of those squads were ranked No. 1 in the country.

The Aggies have a much easier nonconference schedule this year. They still have to play Alabama and LSU, but with all the talent those teams lost to the NFL Draft, can A&M pull off some upsets?