Two games into Kenny Hill’s career as a starting college quarterback, his parents already are applying for trademark status on “Kenny Trill.”

Hill has been electric since assuming the position vacated by Johnny Manziel, throwing for 794 yards and seven touchdowns in fewer than eight quarters. The Aggies, thanks to an offense that’s scored 125 combined points against South Carolina and Lamar, have rocketed up the polls.

The season-opening road upset in Columbia, South Carolina, sparked a discussion about potential nicknames for Hill: “Kenny Touchdown,” “Kenny Chill,” “Kenny Thrill.” Manziel tried to bestow upon Hill the moniker “Kenny Football,” but the sophomore made it clear he preferred “Kenny Trill.”

For the uninitiated, “trill” is a combination of “true” and “real.” Texas rapper Bun B turned it into popular vernacular.

It seems like the Aggies are OK with the nickname as long as Hill keeps performing.

In terms of the trademark application, it’s unclear whether the family wants to secure it for monetary gain or just to prevent others from commercializing “Kenny Trill” and profiting from their son’s persona. But according to Karen Howell, another man already has attempted to secure the rights to the nickname.

Hill won a narrow competition with freshman Kyle Allen for the starting quarterback role, though Allen threw 14 passes against Lamar and should continue to get some playing time the next two weeks.

If Allen ever does take over for Hill, maybe he’ll have a trademarked phrase of his own in his back pocket.

In the meantime, Manziel now has filed 10 different trademarks through his company, JMan2 Enterprises, LLC.

As long as Kevin Sumlin, Spavital and the other program staples continue to thrive, playing quarterback for A&M will be big business.