The reason for a Christmas tree ending up on the curb of Jimbo Fisher’s Florida home was not what many believed as as a sign that the coach was on his way out.

The new Texas A&M coach, formerly of Florida State, clarified what happened in an interview with Dan Patrick.

Fisher said the company that strings lights around his house and adds other decorations said his old tree was broken, and it needed to be replaced, thus putting it on by the street. It turns out, it had nothing to do with his job status or interest at the time.

“There’s a new Christmas tree in the house, it’s still in my house,” Fisher said. “I didn’t throw it out. I was actually at work … you’re always on the road recruiting. They called me, and said, ‘This thing is over 10 years old and it’s broke up, so you need a new one.’ So I said put a new one up and set the other one on the curb.”

With hiring season for many college coaches typically taking place during the Christmas season, perhaps this is a sign to be careful when jumping to conclusions about signs that a coach may or may not be leaving. Flight trackers and watching activity at airports, though, remain key elements to following a coach’s movement to or from a school, or with an athletics director.