Try as she might, Texas A&M alumnus Effrage Davis couldn’t contain her excitement Saturday night.

Davis, a meteorologist with WQAD in Moline, Illinois, was live on air as the Aggies were driving for what would be the eventual game-winning field goal in their upset win over top-ranked Alabama.

The 2020 Texas A&M graduate went so far as to offer an in-game update for viewers before having to move on to the local forecast.

As can be seen in the video below, Davis told the audience: “We’re tied right now. It’s 38-38. We have the ball. It’s like 1:26 left. We just need to eat the time and get into field goal range, kick a field goal and then we would win. It would be the first time we beat Alabama since Johnny Manziel.”

As the video progresses to where Davis is providing the local forecast, you don’t need much imagination to know what happens at the same time in College Station.

College football … does it get any better?