During a roundtable discussion for a recent CBS Sports Network segment, several college football analysts were asked to name the top pretender among teams ranked in the top 25.

“I’m going to go with Texas A&M,” Brian Jones said. “I came into this season with a lot of hope and hype for Texas A&M, but they have not shown well thus far. Two losses, of course, and another big one on the horizon.”

Rick Neuheisel added, “They’re in the top 25 only on potential.”

In the latest Associated Press poll, A&M is at No. 24, up one spot from last week.

Aaron Taylor piggy-backed off of Jones’ selection of the Aggies.

“What we know about these guys is they’re more known for the losses from Auburn and Clemson than anybody they’ve beaten,” Taylor said. “Until they beat somebody, at 3-2, in my opinion, they shouldn’t be in the top 25.”

The Aggies wins have come against Texas State, Lamar and Arkansas.

The non-SEC teams mentioned during the segment were Iowa and Michigan.

The Aggies play host to Alabama this week in a game in which they’re 16.5-point underdogs in College Station. The game is set for 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS. Alabama has won six straight in the series, including last year’s 45-23 decision.