Paul Finebaum is not big on Jim Schlossnagle’s press conference from the end of the College World Series.

Shortly after Texas A&M lost to Tennessee in a winner-take-all Game 3 of the CWS Finals, Schlossnagle was asked about his future with the Aggies after his 3rd season with the program. The coach criticized the reporter’s question as “selfish” and “unfair” while claiming he took the A&M job “to never take another job again.”

Yet, by the time Tuesday came to a close, Texas had introduced Schlossnagle as the next head coach of Longhorns baseball.

The timing of when Schlossnagle knew he was leaving has become a hot item with many fans critical of the decision shortly after his heated comments in Omaha. Paul Finebaum was asked about the interaction by a caller on his show, and Finebaum admitted it was “embarrassing.”

The popular SEC Network host also said Schlossnagle made a mistake not preparing for such a question ahead of time and ultimately made the situation about himself instead of about his team:

“I’ll repeat something that I thought about earlier. The question was going to happen. The rumors had been out there — though there had been (Tony) Vitello rumors as well. So he got asked a question, and the correct answer — and by the way, these are things you always have to think about,” said Finebaum. “I’ve talked to great coaches, Hall of Fame coaches, some of the best of all time. And they always say I have a plan if we win and I have a plan if we lose. You have to be cognizant of what you’re going to communicate.

“His answer was embarrassing. All you have to say is listen, we just walked off the field where we left our guts on that field, and all I care about tonight is my players. Take a stand. Instead he chastised the reporter, it was all about him.”

Anytime a head coach delivers a strong response similar to the one Schlossnagle did before bolting for another job, criticism is bound to happen. However, this was not even a typical job switch.

Instead of sticking with the Aggies, Schlossnagle left for an in-state rival — and one that is about to join the SEC this summer. With his irritated response and crossing rivalry lines, Schlossnagle left no friends behind as he leaves the Aggies for the Longhorns.

And, to Finebaum’s point, the vehement reaction to Schlossnagle’s departure could have all been avoided if the head coach had simply delivered a well-prepared response to the question. Instead, the next series between Texas and A&M will be must-see TV, and it will be a madhouse if that series takes place in Bryan-College Station.