Paul Finebaum answered a question that many college football fans are probably asking following Jimbo Fisher’s firing on Sunday: why does Texas A&M have such high expectations?

The Aggies haven’t won a national championship since 1939 and they haven’t even won a conference championship in more than 20 years. Still Texas A&M expects nothing but the best from coaches, and that showed with Fisher’s firing.

Finebaum gave his reasoning for why the Aggies view themselves as one of the great programs in college football on McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning on Monday.

“It’s one of the proudest traditions of any place in the college football landscape,” Finebaum said. “They believe in what they stand for, they’re very adamant about that and sincere. And I think ultimately, they think they can get there.”

Finebaum said that Texas A&M also finds motivation in its in-state rival, Texas, which is having a great year and is getting ready for a move to the SEC.

“I think what also drive them is the school 67 miles to the west. I think what’s happening in Austin always matters to them,” Finebaum said. “I think in some way, A&M is responding here. Texas watched what A&M did with the SEC, and they liked it, and they decided to make that move. And I think A&M is looking at Texas going, ‘How did suddenly this program that was wavering and wobbling all over the place get good so quickly. We need to do that and we clearly can’t do that with where we are.”

Ultimately, Finebaum praised Texas A&M for having such high expectations despite not much success in recent years.

“They clearly decided, whatever our history may show, whatever the records are, we’re sick of this and this guys gone,” Finebaum said. “I like that.”