Jimbo Fisher has been a center of controversy when it comes to NIL and players being paid for many around him, but he recently weighed in on the topic himself.

“It’s an absolute joke that’s ruining college football,” Fisher recently said of the system he labeled “play-for-play.” He also alleged tampering by other schools in the transfer portal, an issue that has been lamented by several sports figures.

College football analyst Paul Finebaum recently reacted to Fisher’s comments.

“Excuse me while I laugh… I didn’t hear that Jimbo Fisher a year ago, maybe somebody did,” Finebaum said. “This is a guy that a year ago, was at the epicenter of the sport. He had the best recruiting class in college football history… he was knocking on the door of a serious run over the next 2 years.”

That obviously didn’t happen as Texas A&M severely underperformed with a lot of the blame falling on Fisher, who had formerly been accused of buying every one of his players. It will be interesting to see how Fisher rebounds moving forward and what things look like for him from a recruiting perspective.