Paul Finebaum Show callers have long been known for having some outrageous theories and SEC takes. With the help of social media, those calls often go viral. The latest viral call is more than just your typical SEC hot take.

On Wednesday’s “Finebaum,” a caller identified from Roger in Texas quipped about embattled Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher, “As far as Jimbo’s contract, that $90 million contract, a hitman costs a lot less than that.”

Listener Brooks Bryant tweeted about the call Wednesday. Video started to go viral on Thursday.

Finebaum understandably seemed stunned by Roger’s hitman comments. The next caller followed up on the hitman mention.

As one would expect, there were plenty of “just means more” reactions to the video. While the caller appears to be joking, all parties involved are likely to be talking to authorities who don’t consider death threats to be a laughing matter.

When reached out to Finebaum Thursday, the host declined to comment and ESPN responded with a statement:

“We take all threats seriously, implied or otherwise, and look into them accordingly. Comments such as these are wholly unacceptable,” an ESPN spokeswoman told