The Pittsburgh Steelers clearly like what Jimbo Fisher is doing at Texas A&M.

In the fourth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, the Steelers picked a pair of former Aggies — OL Dan Moore Jr. and LB Buddy Johnson.

On Tuesday, the team announced it had agreed to contracts with both of its fourth-round picks. Moore said he’s ready to get going on his pro career and is willing to play whatever position along the offensive line he’s needed at:

“I know they drafted for me a reason,” said Moore Jr. “Whatever it is, I am ready to take it on. I started off at guard, moved to tackle my third game of the season. It wasn’t a hard transition at all. It’s the coaching style we have at A&M, the next man up, you have to be ready to play any position.”

Johnson said he’s excited to show his versatility for his NFL team, and will happily play on whatever special teams units he needs to play on:

“I feel like I can do whatever my coach asks me to do, stopping the run, stopping the pass,” said Johnson. “This league is changing for linebackers. You have to be able to run and move. I look forward to being about to get out there and showcase my talents.

“The way we worked at A&M, if you were a starter you had to play on special teams. It’s so important. I look forward to playing special teams. It’s part of football. I love special teams. I love the defensive side of special teams.

“I look forward to the challenge. I am going to go out and compete. I am blessed to be in this situation. I am going to make sure the Steelers are proud of their draft pick and give it my all.”

Now, the Steelers have signed all their drafted players from Round 4 and later. Picks from the first 3 rounds, including Round 1 pick Najee Harris out of Alabama, remain unsigned.