The list of people eager to see Texas A&M and Texas meet on the gridiron once again is long but few have as unique of a perspective as Aggie great Sam Adams.

A standout during his time in College Station, he finished his college career as an All-American before moving on to a successful NFL career, Adams can’t wrap his head around the fact that the two biggest programs from the football crazed state of Texas no longer meet on the gridiron.

He isn’t alone, either.

During his latest appearance at Big 12 Media Days, Texas coach Tom Herman issued his support for the game’s return.

“I’d love to see the rivalry renewed,” Herman said. “Great for college football, great for Texas. I don’t know what needs to happen, I don’t know what happened in 2011. We need to find a way to get that game started.”

A&M’s starting quarterback echoed similar sentiments at SEC Media Days.

“I think it would be good for sports, I think it would be good for Texas — the state of Texas, as a whole,” Mond said during his appearance at Hoover when asked about his thoughts on the Texas series. “Obviously, I have no control over the schedule, like you said, but I definitely think it would bring that rivalry back and bring competition to the state of Texas — not only to the field but in recruiting, too.”

During a recent appearance on SiriusXM radio, Adams was asked his take on the game no longer being played and he didn’t hold back.

“I have my opinion is very bad when it comes to that because I think that whoever was responsible for taking that team off of the schedule needs to be fired and never let back,” Adams said. “I think is ridiculous on both of ends that we don’t play each other. That’s just simply ridiculous.

“I don’t want to hear about how good Texas is, I don’t want to hear about. We don’t run from anyone that university when I played there. It was the hundredth time that we play that university. That’s a tradition, that’s a part of the university, that’s a part of this state. And for those selfish so and so’s to take that away from our fans, our history, is, I think, absolutely ridiculous, and anyone making excuses for why that team is not on our schedule anymore. on Thanksgiving night needs to walk away.”

There was no holding back there from Adams but his opinion is not unique. The few that have decided to take this game away from many will one day be out of power and the game will eventually return. When that is remains unknown but in the end, 100+ years of tradition will win out in the end.