Former South Carolina quarterback Stephen Garcia knows a little something about defeating Alabama.

Back in 2010, he and his Gamecocks upset then-No.1 Alabama 35-21 in Columbia.

So, when Garcia offers some advice to Texas A&M quarterback Zach Calzada, who did the same thing 11 years later, Calzada probably should listen.

Garcia offered this advice, according to

“Don’t take your eyes off the prize,” he said. “Yeah, we beat them and then we had a huge lead against Kentucky the following week and ended up losing that game. Everybody said you guys lost focus, you spent the whole week partying and I was like, ‘Ehh, not really.’ You don’t ever take your eyes off the prize and I don’t think Jimbo Fisher is one of those coaches to let Zach parade around and say I’m the man. He’s going to keep a laser focus, move on and prepare for the next game.”

Sound advice as the Aggies face Missouri this coming Saturday.