The conversation on superconferences is making the rounds in college football.

One of the people that weighed in on this growing trend was Texas A&M’s athletic director, Ross Bjork. He recently shared how he feels about the SEC and Big Ten’s rumored realignment:

“Obviously, we’ve separated ourselves from a revenue standpoint, and we’re dominating the College Football Playoff,” he said.

Bjork still thinks that non-SEC/Big Ten schools will try to join these conferences, and believes that there is still an opportunity to prevent that from happening.

The conference realignment rumors continue to take control of the college football landscape with the SEC and Big Ten expansion front and center.

Josh Pate discussed more on the main reason for expansion for these conferences on his show, Late Kick:

“If you let well enough be right now, the Big Ten would be just fine. $100 (million), per year, per institution. Ditto for the SEC. There’s only one reason why you push any further for expansion and it’s just because you can,” Pate said.

Will the SEC and Big Ten become the only conferences left in college football?

It’s hard to tell, but with more and more conversation heating up after USC-UCLA joining the Big Ten (to officially start in 2024), the rumors will likely continue.