One recently hired Texas A&M assistant was reportedly arrested Thursday night on first-degree murder charges.

According to, Blaise Taylor was arrested Thursday in Utah on a Nashville grand jury indictment. He is being charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

The murder charges are for the alleged poisoning deaths of his girlfriend and her five-month-old fetus. Taylor is alleged to have been the father of the unborn child.

The son of Texas A&M’s running backs coach Trooper Taylor, Football Scoop originally reported earlier in March that Blaise would be joining the Aggies from his post at Utah State. The younger Taylor was expected to be a defensive analyst this season.

Jade Benning passed away at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center on March 6 of 2023. She was originally rushed to the hospital on February 25 last year after Taylor called 911 and claimed Benning appeared to be having an allergic reaction.

Benning quickly became critical at the hospital, and the unborn fetus died on February 27. Benning was unable to be interviewed by authorities before she passed away.

A months-long investigation ensued involving scientists from crime labs and doctors from the Medical Examiner’s Office, leading to a Wednesday murder indictment against Taylor. He’s alleged to have poisoned Benning without her knowledge on the night of February 25.